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Maritime Training & Education

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Maritime Training & Education

SailorsMarina Solutions Indus Pvt Ltd. Providing Maritime Training and Courses DG Shipping Govt of India Approved Institute.

We are providing Following Course
  1. General Purpose Rating (GP Rating). (Course Duration: 06 Month)
  2. Certificate Course in Maritime Catering (CCMC) (Course Duration: 06 Month)
  3. Diploma In Nautical Science. (Course Duration: 12 Month)
  4. B.Tech (Marine) – Degree Course. (Course Duration: 04 Year)
  5. Graduate Mechanical Engineer (GME) in marine engineering. (Course Duration: 12 Month)
  6. Electro-Technical Officers (ETO) Course. (Course Duration: 04 Month)
  7. Short-Term Duration Training Programme (STCW)
  8. Orientation Course For Catering Personal (OCCP)

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